Two things stand between me and my freedom from undergrad: Paper work and my final script. Once those are complete, goodbye Michigan. It’s been real, and by real I mean real tiresome and expensive, but well worth it, nonetheless.

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finally finished my final project for my feminism course. That means i just have two classes left to finish. one exam, and a final draft of my script. almost there. just have to stay awake and study. 

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Not only gorgeous, Washington, 37, is also ageless (seriously, she doesn’t look a day over Save the Last Dance). But she demurs such compliments. “The ‘imperfections’ are actually the gift,” she told “The reality is we all have nerves and moments of insecurity…But if I said to myself that I’m only going to show up, or speak or be visible when I’m perfect, I would never get out of bed.”

Most Beautiful 2014 | People Magazine

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Episode 1x01 - Payback
Episode 12x24 - Smoked 

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so i managed to outline my project, i just have to record myself putting it all together. It’s 11:04pm and I look like hell, so i guess i stay up tomorrow after dropping my mom off at dialysis and record it then. i’m exhausted. bed time yo. Come Friday night, i’m done with my undergrad career. 

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night-catches-us replied to your post: i miss one direction. they haven’t gon…

you need jesus

excuse you He rose from the dead not 48 hours ago don’t bring Him into this nobody needs that

you’re watching their movie? you need jesus. 

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Standard disclaimer: This is the daughter of one of my mother’s friends.  She is very truly a missing person, yes I have verified that the people looking for her are people who should definitely find her.


Please signal boost!

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i have a project due by 11:30am tomorrow and i haven’t even started it yet. I haven’t done the reading, and quite frankly I don’t give a damn which is a lie.  Time to get down to business, I suppose. 

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Black sitcoms

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