you. are. enough.

riss. xxiii. detroiter. woc. bilingual. biracial. multi ethnic. inclusionary intersectional feminist. B.A in English. pro-coloured girls. pro-women. future jessica pearson. fulbright hopeful. part time fangirl. tea lover. judy smith once gave me life advice.

"A quien Dios ama, le llama, por lo tanto lo pasado, pasado esta."

kerry washington. gina torres. mariska hargitay. sandra oh. dascha polanco. ❤

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2001 ”JLo” album promo shoot


Through the Wire | Kanye West

i miss college dropout kanye. the fuck you i paid for this film kanye. 



My doll baby and all her curly hair goodness!!!

She is beautiful. I feel the need to protect her.

i’m really hungry, really lazy, and really tired. this can only end one way.